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Brand New Song!

Planet ERGH is an international studio collaboration between three songwriters and musicians; Erkki Vuokila of HiSQ and Heidi Marjaana Mantere aka High-D both of Finland and R.G. Williamson of the United States. Together they create stylistic crossover music that defies any one genre. From R'n'B and Soul to Jazz and Rock, the sky is the limit for this trio of imaginative music makers. 

The three met in 2022 through an internet radio chat group on Museboat Live Channel, and through a series of emails in March 2023, ideas were traded and quickly developed into what would become the recording project Planet ERGH. 

Their debut single My Way Home (Planet ERGH) was released on May 26th 2023 to great response. Followed by their second single Chocolate, which was released on June 23rd and has been making waves on the FinnRadio top 40 chart.
On August 4th they released their third single "Rest of the Forest", a fun rock-n-roll ditty that harkens back to the golden age of music and will surely have you dancing in the streets, or forest. 

Planet ERGH is a featured artist
on Museboat Live Channel.

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Planet ERGH's 3rd single "Rest of the Forest"

Planet ERGH's 2nd single "Chocolate" 

The debut single "My Way Home (Planet ERGH)"